In this conference, we solicit high-quality unpublished contributions. The aim of this conference is to share new findings, exchange ideas, and discuss research challenges. The conference program will run for two days with regular tracks, tutorials, and special sessions. For the tracks and special sessions, we invite you to contribute your original work on topics in the following, but not limited to, areas:

Foundations of Computer Science

.Theory of computation
.Algorithms and Data Structures
.Programming language theory
.Applied computer science
.Computer security and cryptography
.Computational science

Computational Intelligence Language and Speech Processing

.Soft computing
.Computer vision
.Knowledge discovery
.Data mining
.Machine learning & Deep learning

Signal Processing

.Signal, Image and Video Processing
.Signal Processing for Communications
.Signal Processing for Big Data
.Signal Processing for the IoTs
.Bio-Imaging and Biomedical Signal Processing
.Telemedical and E-hospital Biomechanics

Software Engineering & Software Development Methods

.Software system modeling .Component-based, model-driven Grid-based, automated software engineering
.Open source software development
Software process
.Testing and Verification
.Multi-core programming
.Real-time systems
.Web services
.Human-computer interface and interaction
E-Systems and Information Management

Distributed Computing and Communication Networks

.Big data and Analysis
.Multimedia and Social Computing
.Network architectures
.Network protocols and security
.Parallel and distributed computing
.Grid computing
.Fog, Edge and Cloud computing
.Mobile and ubiquitous computing
.Quantum Communications Network
.Security Information & Coding Theory
.Communication Quality
.Reliability & Modelling
.Wireless and mobile networks

Microwave Engineering, Antennas, and Propagation

.Microwave Theory & Techniques
.RF, Microwave Circuits, Systems & Applications
.Millimeter-Wave, THz Technologies, and Systems
.Power Amplifier Devices and Circuits
.Antenna Systems
.Integrated Antennas, Active Adaptive and Smart Antennas
.Digital Beamforming, Related Circuits, and Components
.Electromagnetic Scattering, Channel Measurement, and Propagation
.Computational Methods for Wave Propagation


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