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Workshop on Smart Solutions and Applications

Emerging trends in smart city solutions are the key facilitators for the spread and adoption of intelligent applications. This workshop will bring together a group of professionals who are interested in emerging smart solutions for crucial applications in a variety of domains.

This workshop also intends to bring together cutting-edge industrial and academic research to create a holistic, innovative solution for crucial applications across multiple sectors. The research that has been submitted will look at new and innovative intelligent applications that have been made possible by recent research and commercial trends. Diverse obstacles associated with smart solutions, as well as contentious concerns in services and applications in various sectors such as computer vision, social listening, IoT, smart city, and security, will be discussed.

Several firms and projects are already creating AI and Big Data applications to meet the increased need for smart solutions. For example, the CMC-CIST has shown how computer vision for face recognition, blockchain for banking and customs, social data and in-house data for risk, and social listening for analyzing customer response can all be linked. Intelligent solutions and applications can assist local and regional governments in making more effective smart city decisions. The session demonstrates a methodology for increasing the prominence of high-knowledge domains in the future.

Takeaways of the Workshop

The special session will provide the most recent advances in smart cities research to encourage the deployment of smart technology and development of architectures to smart cities sustainable growth and development in times of national and global digital transformation. It is expected to have innovative study on technologies, tools, applications, novel designs, testbed and architectures of smart cities, share experimental or theoretical results, work-in-progress, exchange experiences and draw lessons both domestically and internationally on implementation of smart cities at various scales, promote the approaches and strategies by means of which a diversity of stakeholders engage in contributing, co-creating and making smart cities.

Important Dates

Due Date for Submission Manuscript:  10 November 2021

Due Date for Review’s to Author: 10 December 2021

Due Date for Final decision to Authors:  25 December 2021

Contact person’s Information

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh

Mobile phone: +84989190192